Sunday, October 09, 2011

Day from Hell.

Today, I was home alone when that big, fat, lard-ass motha-fucka came to the door with a deputy
sheriff and wanted to get in.  *IT* hasn't been to this house since November of 2009, but IT thinks there
might be something left that IT hasn't stolen, that IT might need to sell, for money to buy more food
to keep ITS body-fat level at a healthy morbidly obese number.

Anywhoo... it was a very traumatic day for me and in the end, the idiot DS got IT into the house and IT
proceeded to take pictures of all of my belongings. What an awful thought to think that IT might be sitting
in front of ITS computer at night, scarfing a big bowl of whatever it scarfs,  looking through the pictures and especially my bedroom. IT has pictures of all my stuff!  What a dispicable, disgusting, grotesque pig! 

The whole incident was reported to the sheriff's office and they were dealt with.

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