Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Too Late Now

I was surfing a few weeks ago and found a link to the Studio Friday website and was so inspired by all the amazing artists who show their work there. I wanted to contribute to the Black & White challenge but I'm sure it is way too late now to add my entry. It has to do with the cute outfits that are available for spring/summer, and I'm loving the black and white styles. And shopping is another of my favorite things to do.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring has arrived!

Well, I've been working non-stop lately. I have a couple days off so I decided to do some spring cleaning today and air things out a bit. Winter stuffiness, you know? I opened my windows and let some fresh air in and cranked the stereo... set the cd player to "Rockstar" by Nickelback as I vaccumed. (Love that song and love them!) Oh, and my dogs finally stopped shedding their fur. I only picked up a tiny bit today as compared to the containers full I 've been getting for the past two months. I swear they don't look like they have that much fur. Man!

The picture is Simba and me. I inherited him when my Mom died last year. He's going to be 2 in October. He's 10 inches tall and HE thinks he's a husky! The picture was taken with the little camera that came with my computer so it isn't very clear. I'm hoping to get a digital soon. They're soooo expensive! Well, time for bed and I'm sure sleep will come fast tonight.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Missing her...

Today is the one year anniversary of my Mom's death. It doesn't seem like that long but only yesterday that I stood beside her bed in the hospital saying good-bye. Soon after her death, I would be having a bad day or I'd be feeling very depressed and her favorite song would play on the radio. "What's Goin' On" by Four Non Blondes was the song she liked to crank up when she was driving to Ed's place in Hartland, New Brunswick, which is about 2 hours away from where she lived. Mom met Ed the year my father died, in 1990. They had a lot of fun together. They traveled all through Canada on spur of the moment trips. I'm glad he was there for her then.

I really miss you and love you, Mom.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sherry's Birthday Today

Today is my friend, Sherry's birthday and she would be mad if I told her age, so I won't but believe me, she's still fighting getting older, just like I am. We haven't gotten together since last year after Mom's death. Mom really loved Sherry like another daughter and they used to put puzzles together when she visited. Sherry was a great help with getting Mom's apartment in order after her death and helping us pack things and make sure everything went smooth. She is a godsend.

Love ya g/f!


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