Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some people are just idiots.

Today at work, I was in the middle of re-running a bin holding a CPAP machine when an idiot (I'll call him J) stopped me by dropping a stack of six-weighted bowls on top of the CPAP that was in the bin.  The extra weight made my elbow snap back and I almost dropped the bin. I bent down to lift up my right arm with my left hand, which was already holding the CPAP bag, so i used the top of my hand to push my right arm up and when I got it back up, J dropped a second stack of 5 bowls into the bin. He then turned to walk away and said to me, "Wimp." I made my way to the xray belt to re-run the bin, then waited for it so I could take it back to the passenger.

 My elbow was in extreme pain. I went to my supervisor and told her what just happened. She told me I should fill out an incident report. After filling out the report I went to the ER to have it checked out.

I went to EM Walk-In Care and had an exam/x-ray. Come to find out, the reason I was having pain in my arm for the past several weeks is because I have an avulsion fracture, which means the little piece of bone on the top of my elbow has been shaved off by the tendon connecting from my elbow to my wrist. Anyway, I'm off work tomorrow and have to call to get an appointment to have the fracture checked out. I'm wearing a sling for the moment and they gave me pain medicine, which seems to be working quite well. Sure does make the pain go away.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Muscle stiffness

Well, my right elbow is still sore and feels a little tender. I think it's from when I fell last month. I can't stand working the a.m. shift. It's way too early for me to be driving. I'm scared of driving on the icy roads. Getting sleep deprivation too because I've been dozing off while driving home after work. I can't get my body to adjust to getting up so early and driving almost an hour to work.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, my new year started out perfectly, with a kiss on the stroke of midnight! Gonna be a great year!

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