Thursday, January 29, 2009

Headache from hell!

Last night, around 11:30 I developed a headache that has been progressing all day. I went to work this morning feeling a bit apprehensive about working on the xray machine. I told my supervisor that I really didn't want to get on xray today, but was told to get over there because we're busy and don't worry about it. I did it anyway. I received several static shocks today on the machine and each time I did, it freaked me out a little. They (supervisor, lead, co-workers) just joked about my shock. Oh well!

I spoke with the man who services the xray machine and he told me the shock I received was equalivent to 80,000 volts of electricity. I didn't receive the voltage, just the shock (???) because if it was volts, I would have been fried. Nice to know huh? Wow! He told me that he wears special shoes that absorb shock and has told my employer several times that we (workers) need to be provided with the shoes. Nothing has been done, he said. I think I know that personally. He also said he has, for a long time, not been able to ground the machine so we'll stop receiving shocks. Hmmmm....

My headache is getting worse and I feel like shit right now... might call in tomorrow, don't know yet.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shocking Experience of the Day!

Today, at work, I received one hell of a shock while operating the xray machine. I felt it go up my pinky and ring finger, the underside of my arm and up to my shoulder. It sort of stunned me and I yelled out "I just got a shock!" Since we're always getting static shocks from the machine, no one seemed to give a shit. The fact that the shock I received froze the machine and they had to practically climb in the machine to get passenger carry-ons out, didn't seem to phase them either. Well, I just stood there watching them, in a "stunned" state. A co-worker told me to fill out an accident report immediately. My supervisor at the time, didn't pay any attention to me until later when he seemed annoyed that I requested a form to fill out. After asking me if I really think I need to fill out an accident report, he directed me to go to the directors office for the paperwork. I did so, and was met there by a smirk and was told to get the form from a folder and go photocopy it and replace the one I took from the folder. After filling out the report, he joked with me a little concerning the incident and I went on my way back to work like nothing happened. Great reception!

I recommend people should avoid getting injured by faulty electrical equipment that has been repaired over and over and still not functioning properly.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Maine to Pennsylvania....

OMG! The concert was awesome! We weren't extremely close to the stage but our seats were fantastic never-the-less. We took awesome pictures and some phone video too! I'd go again and again if possible. It was worth all the friggin hassles we experienced getting there and home.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Sherry and I, along with her brother Richard, are going to Pittsburg, PA tomorrow to see ACDC in concert! Whoo-Hoo!! They are so awesome! I can't wait.

Friday, January 02, 2009

New apartment

The beginning of 2009 is starting with a new, less expensive apartment ($165 cheaper per month in rent) which is a big relief! The apartment is smaller, one bedroom, directly across the street from the old one, but it has a storage unit in the basement. I didn't have storage in the other place, that is unless I wanted to share my stuff with giant spiders.... Yuck

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